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Im so fucking done with being sick now. I swear I live in a state or perpetual sickness, im never really better. Im either full out sick or im functional but with a fucking runny nose or a cough.

Im getting strep again. Fuuuuu—
I had it about a month ago the first time, for about a week.. ot went away for a week and came back again afterwards. But the first time I was unable to do anything.. my head was pounding and my tonsils were only a few centimeters from closing up my throat entirely.

Im going to go use a fucking razor abd tear them out myself soon. This is fucking insanity.


Anonymous asked:

Hey Kodee! Could you please rate your pain on a scale of 1-10 of all of your peircings? I'm getting some soon but I'm pretty scared about how painful it'll be...

Well each piercing hurts a different amount because they are in different parts of the body and hit different nerves and such. Like for instance, My septum hurt the most simply because it felt like getting punched in the nose.

L I P S / S N A K E B I T E S :

  • My lips felt like a quick sharp pinch when I got them but the heal time was a breeze for both of them. The pain was minimal for me.    
  • HEAL TIME - The average heal time for a lip piercing is about 2 - 3 weeks, but ultimately it depends on your body and how you care for it throughout it’s healing process. I had to avoid food that would hit my lips, Such as pizza or sandwiches, things like that.        3/10

N O S E / S E P T U M :

  • Getting my septum pierced was like getting a punch to the nose or very similar to the feeling when you hit your nose on something and it makes your eyes water up. 
  • HEAL TIME - This one on average takes up to about a month to heal, Again it ultimately depends on your body and how you handle it while it’s healing (all piercings are like this though) I had to wear my septum staple (it’s called a staple because it’s shaped like a horse shoe but it’s closed off with beads and it isn’t as curled ) flipped up inside my nose for a month, The only time it would hurt is when I forgot it was there and I would go to wipe my nose or something.                7/10

E Y E B R O W :

  • Now.. Don’t base your opinion on getting your eyebrow pierced off of mine, Because I have had the worst heal time possibly imaginable with mine. But I didn’t even feel the initial piercing part, And it hardly hurt at all afterwards.
  • HEAL TIME - Now eyebrows take anywhere from 2 - 3 weeks to a month normally, If you care for them and blah blah blah. My eyebrow didn’t hurt, AT ALL during the healing process. But I would bump mine ALL the time or get it caught on my shirts and it would either get a hard smack or a hard tug, So my healing process was constantly delayed because my eyebrow was very angry for a very long time. I got it in December of 2012 and it’s only just stopped being angry in the last couple months. And when I say being angry I mean it would puss out and bleed, All the time. It would always look a little swollen too. Augh..
  • 1/10

T O N G U E :

  • Getting my tongue pierced was like biting my tongue, Not a severe bite. But like one of those dull ones that happen when you’re talking to some one. It hardly hurt to get done.
  • HEAL TIME - The tongue takes about a month to be completely healed up. It most times will heal a lot faster, Swelling with this piercing on the first few days is different for everyone. For me, my tongue was swollen for two days and I couldn’t really talk. My friend’s tongue was swollen so much he couldn’t speak at all and his teeth left imprints on his tongue from where it had been pressing on his teeth. I couldn’t eat solid foods for about a week (this is different for everyone) but I wasn’t able too without hurting my tongue. So the piercing part was really easy but the heal time was challenging.          6/10     

I hope this has been informative and helpful, Good luck on your new piercings and enjoy! :’D


Anonymous asked:

How did you come up with your URL?

Well kodee is my name, and a few years ago I was trying to come up with an OC / sona that woukd represent me. Back then adamsaur had a different name but I really liked the idea of using the first name then some sort of title. So I chose monster.. bust spelt in a kinds silly way. Monstr.

And I just use it for lots of stuff, including my tumblr :) 

Hey guys, that art meme thing I posted wasnt where you send me a number and I do it. Its some thing Im going to try and do in my spare time and eventually do all of them.

Though I appreciate your enthusiasm

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